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Writing the Inverted Pyramid

Traditional journalism writing uses the so-called “inverted pyramid” format. Basically, that means starting off (i.e., your “lead”) with the most important information, and putting the less important stuff farther down the page. In fact, the best way to get yelled at by an editor is to “bury the lead,” i.e., not leading off with the most important information. OK, you …

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Good communications skills = path to the top?

Maybe that’s not ALL you need, but communications skills sure do grease the rails. Michael Hyatt of Working Smart says responsiveness is a big part of getting ahead. When someone shoots you an email, he says, respond quickly — even if all you have time to say is, “I got your message. I’ll get back to you on Thursday.” “So …

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I'm back

Due to some serious family emergencies, a crushing workload, and the holidays, this blog kind of fell off the radar screen for a while. I’m back now, and hopefully I’ll do a little better at posting. Thanks for your patience.

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