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Are you suffering from "Premature Pop-up?"

Too many information marketers are making the same stupid mistake. Seconds after you arrive at their site, a pop-up (or slide-in) window appears, asking you to fork over your precious contact information. Hey man, I don’t even know you. Just like in comedy, the secret is… (one, two, three) timing. Why would I be willing to fill out your form …

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Tim Russert R.I.P.

Only the good die young? Another one bites the dust? How do you describe the unthinkable? My mouth literally fell open at the news today that Tim Russert had died suddenly. It felt like a death in the family, although I never knew him except from his television appearances and books. Tim was one of the good guys: passionate about …

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Free gas and the psychology of copywriting

It will be the hottest marketing promotion of the summer — until it runs out of gas. Companies of all kinds are giving away tankfuls of free gas as long as you buy something: a new car, hotel room, even Calloway golf clubs. With $4 a gallon fuel prices and $50-75 fill-ups becoming part of our auto-oriented lifestyle, gasoline giveaways …

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Direct response "complaint" letter

When is a complaint letter like a sales letter? When it gets the immediate, affirmative response you’re looking for. Take the letter “professional complaint letter writer” Bruce Silverman wrote to the Ritz-Carlton that ended up getting him a week, totally comped, at the company’s Kapalua in Hawaii. As today’s Consumerist detailed, Silverman has been amazingly successful in getting companies to …

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Which is worse: Voice mail? Or human operators?

You could practically hear poor Seth Godin’s teeth grinding Sunday when he wrote about a recent agonizing encounter with corporate voice mail. You know the drill: you finally work your way through four or five menus, then end up with a recording, “Sorry, we’re closed.” No human employee could get away with that kind of behavior. It’s like slapping a …

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