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Ford Verve: First design the customer, then the car

Successful marketing starts with defining your ideal customer. Who are you trying to appeal to? A product, service or sales message aimed at, say, Wall Street investment bankers (boo hiss) would obviously be very different from one targeted at teenage girls. Ford had the same idea in mind when it was designing its latest model, the Verve. (Aside: The Verve …

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Soggy summer still spurs smiles

It’s been a very, very, VERY wet spring and summer in New England. Far more rain and less sun than usual. Depressing? Naw, we’re hardy stock. But it reminded a friend/colleague of a joke which she sent out in her newsletter today. It goes: A curious fellow died one day and found himself waiting in the long line of judgment. …

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Got a few friends who still send emails IN ALL CAPS? Maybe they’ll get the hint after you send them the BILLY MAYS SCREAMING CAPS LOCK KEY! Thanks, Lifehacker! (4th item)

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Welcome, "Gaping Void"

“Gaping Void” cartoons have arrived at

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