5 Viral Marketing Tips From Print Magazines

5 Viral Marketing Tips From Print Magazines

A guest post from James Adams

Viral marketing is an excellent and inexpensive way to get people talking about your blog. The primary component to viral marketing is people talking about something, anything, that will guide people to your website for more information. This technique is not as new as some people seem to think and print magazines have been using the power of viral marketing to sell issues and subscriptions for years. There is no reason that you cannot use this power to get more readers for your blog.

Here are 5 excellent viral marketing tips from print magazines that you can follow to gain more exposure and higher readership for your blog.

#1. Get People Talking About You

One way that print magazines have grown in popularity is by getting people to talk about the magazines themselves. For instance, many newscasts include phrases like, “according to a U.S. News and World Reports article…” or “People magazine reports that…” As long as the magazines continue to gain people’s attention and make them talk about the articles written between their covers, they will sell subscriptions.

With an internet blog, the story is no different. Set your blog up with quick ways for people to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other social networking sites where there will be more sharing and discussion of your post. Post your blog articles on your own profiles for these sites and see how your own friends can help you get the word out.

Word of mouth is critical to viral marketing, remember this the next time your are writing a post for your blog.

#2. Go Against the Grain

Don’t be afraid to be controversial! If possible, use a controversial headline that will make your readers take a second look before they even start reading the article. Most people read only a few sentences before deciding if an article or post is worth sharing. Do whatever it takes to make them share your posts!

#3. Have Guest Posters

Many a print magazine will feature a celebrity writer or feature a celebrity on their cover in order to get the attention of the celebrity’s fans. Why not try this yourself. See if you can get someone well known or popular to contribute to your blog. This will bring people to your blog to read the contributors post. It will most likely end with them looking at what else you have to offer. You can gain a lot of readership this way.

#4. Talk About Popular Culture

Regardless of whether your blog is about popular culture or not, if you are able to talk about the hottest movies, music and artists you will get people interested in reading what you have to say. It’s even better if you can combine your blog’s topic with an artist or band to create a potentially viral post, eg. The Ten Most Tricked Out Cars From 50 Cents Videos. Another example are the Harry Potter movies or the Star Wars movies. There are entire sections of the population who will seek out anything they can find about these movies prior to their release. Perhaps your blog will get discovered if you are able to post something interesting about an upcoming or newly released film.

#5. Forget Gimmicks

High quality viral marketing is a result of people talking about you, not about some gimmick you tried on your blog just to get their attention. High quality means that they will keep talking about you and not only talk about your gimmick until someone else does something cooler. Print magazines don’t do gimmicks. They offer content in their subject area and they are straightforward in how they offer that content. Following this rule of thumb is a good idea. Advertising gimmicks are just that, a gimmick. What you are looking for is a way to develop a following of people who talk about you and share your blog with their friends and family members.

Make an impact on your readers and let them make an imprint on their friends that will send them straight to your blog. This is the technique of viral marketing. It is a very effective technique if you know how to make it work for you. You can save a tremendous amount of money and time if you can develop a viral following. Print magazines have been using these five techniques for a very long time and they always manage to get their issues flying off the shelf. Reading your blog doesn’t cost your readers a penny, and that gives you a solid advantage. You can get people talking and keep them talking, sometimes through your own prodding and sometimes just by the quality content and smashingly successful headlines that you craft to catch your readers’ attention.

James Adams is based in the UK and works at a leading supplier of ink cartridges. Visit www.cartridgesave.co.uk for more of his work.

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