A search engine — for products

A search engine — for products

Maybe your problem isn’t attracting more customers. Maybe you’ve already got plenty. Maybe what you really need is something new, something different to sell to all those customers.

Introducing ProductBlazer, a free search engine designed to help you identify new products and locate wholesale suppliers. According to Inc.:

“ProductBlazer pulls together more than 26,000 innovative products and indexes suppliers’ websites, so all those goodies are searchable with a single engine.

The site groups offerings by broad categories (Apparel, Automotive, Electronics, etc.) then each is broken down into subcategories. Click on any link takes you to the supplier’s site, with PB active in a top frame. (Remember frames?) You can click “Save Supplier” to note them in your PB account.

The service is free for both retailers and suppliers, who can sign up for a free listing. And yes, it’s peppered with AdSense ads, which also compete for attention.

How about you? Where do you find great new products? Or do you always roll your own?

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