Since graduating from Notre Dame with a B. A. in Communications, I’ve held a wonderful variety of gigs that helped shape the award-winning talent who’s ready to help you grow your small business. During a 20+ year media career in Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston, I was a news reporter, anchor, CBS Radio feature correspondent, advertising agency copywriter, disk jockey, Music Director, program consultant, and talk-show host.

SEO copywriter Tom McKay's handsome mugMy articles and essays have appeared in Reader’s Digest, Los Angeles Times and other major periodicals. I was even awarded Columbia University’s prestigious Armstrong Award for Excellence in Broadcasting.

During a decade mainlining DOS, Windows, Mac (and most recently, Linux) technology, I worked as a magazine technology columnist, software technical writer, and computer applications trainer specializing in desktop apps like Microsoft Office.

Creative communications to grow your small business

In March, 2001, I launched Maine Creative Services, a copywriting and business editorial service specializing in marketing communications materials that are both interesting and effective: putting a human touch on case studies, newsletters, brochures, sales letters and Direct Response copywriting.

Over the years, the demand for online copywriting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) kept soaring. More and more of my time was spent writing — and eventually designing — websites, landing pages (online sales letters), e-newsletters, email marketing campaigns and the like. Many of these clients needed design services, too, and kept asking if I could provide them. Well, I can take a hint.

So I’ve teamed up with a nationwide network of talented web designers to offer complete web design packages. Complete = Awesome web design + Powerful SEO Copywriting that gets your phones and cash registers ringing — all from one convenient, expert source.

Best of all, our rates are frequently half those of comparable providers. Nice, huh?

If you’re a small business or non-profit organization who needs top-quality web design and copywriting — but don’t have the luxury of a big budget, I invite you to get in touch and see how conveniently and affordably¬† we can satisfy your internet marketing needs: websites, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, blogging and other social media.

If you need only my copywriting help to make your website or email marketing campaigns fly, I’m happy to help. Just call or email me.

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