Advertising copywriting rules

Advertising copywriting rules

Maybe it’s because it’s a separate reality — or just seems like one — but advertising seems to have its own set of rules. So says writer John Camm via BBC News Online via BoingBoing. Among his observations:

1. Men are obsessed with sex but will forego sex in order to watch football or drink beer.

2. Women are locked in a constant battle with their weight/body shape/hairstyle.

3. Career success is entirely based on your ability to impress your boss.

5. Any act of male stupidity (e.g. walking across a clean floor in muddy boots, putting the dog in the dishwasher, etc.) will be met with a wry smile, not genuine annoyance/anger.

7. Anyone with a scientific career will have a bad haircut and dreadful clothes.

10. Scandinavians are, without exception, blonde and beautiful.

12. Children will not eat fruit or vegetables. Ever.

13. Both men and women find driving deeply pleasurable, never boring or stressful.

Gosh, you mean they’re not true?

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