And a sprig of humbug in your eggnog…

And a sprig of humbug in your eggnog…

Had enough of “Christmas Creep?” You know, the annual broadening of the Holiday Buying Season, the mistletoe appearing in stores before the foliage has even turned crimson (that’s after Halloween merchandise suddenly appears around the 4th of July).

Across the pond in the U.K., the Movement for the Containment of Christmas is fighting back against the ever-growing holiday retail season. According to The Consumerist, while some of the group’s efforts are civil, it has engaged in some rough stuff. Like pouring glue in the lock of a shop that began selling Christmas cards in (gulp) August.

I can sympathize with the group’s sentiment, but  their tactics were unfortunate. Turns out the shop they targeted is run by a local mental health group, who was “selling off last year’s stock and making £70 a week for charity.”

NOW who looks like a Grinch?

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