Are you annoying people when you speak?

Are you annoying people when you speak?

We all do it. We spout shopworn cliches and mindless crutch phrases that make our victims listeners roll their eyes and grind their teeth. Cliches are just as bad in the written word, of course. But at least a reader can turn the page and skip over them. But when you’re in a business meeting or presentation, you’re trapped.

BBC News Magazine has compiled a list of its readers’ twenty most-hated phrases. Nothing new there — you’ll recognize them immediately. Yes indeed, you’ll see old friends like:

What The Hell?

  • “touch base” (and most other tiresome sports analogies)
  • “110 percent”
  • “24/7”
  • “going forward”
  • “in the pipeline”
  • “roll out
  • “can’t get my head around it” and many more

The worst thing is, the more you notice someone using these grating phrases, the more you notice them. Like, they’re all you can hear — which makes them even more exasperating. So, going forward, let’s try and keep stupid cliches out of the pipeline and maybe roll out some new ones — okay, team? If everyone works 24/7 and gives 110%, by the end of the day we’ll… oh, never mind.

via Lifehacker Creative Commons License photo credit: erinEG6

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