Autoresponders and You

Autoresponders and You

Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey calls it “probably the most important component, the glue that keeps my business together.” It’s his email autoresponder and list builder.

An autoresponder, as the name suggests, automates the process of responding to emails (or signups) from clients and prospects. Instead of writing individual responses to each query, an autoresponder can send one response, or a whole series of emails. They’re a great way to follow-up customer inquiries, and even distribute your company newsletter. (You DO have a company newsletter, don’t you?)

Like thousands of other businesses, both virtual and bricks- and- mortar, Yaro uses and endorses AWeber. His complete review is here. If you’re not familiar with autoresponders and how they can simplify and benefit your business, he explains it here.

One of the things that distinguishes AWeber is their enviable record of email deliverability. They claim over 99% of the emails they handle arrive at their intended destination, without getting snagged in sp@m filters, etc. If so, AWeber is doing a helluva good job.

After reading Yaro’s review, I realize (yet again) that I’m way overdue taking AWeber for a test-drive. After all, I write, design and distribute newsletters for several different clients. For the past few years I’ve used a different company which costs more and doesn’t even offer the autoresponder feature — only email distribution and list management. I definitely need to carve out some time and check them out.

BTW, if you’re starting or building a business, you really ought to check out Yaro’s blogs. In spite of his wild hair (or maybe because of it?), he offers lots of valuable content. Visit:

Small Business Branding
Entrepreneur’s Journey

  1. YaroYaro04-12-2006

    Wild hair! Haha!

    You know if you ever meet me in person you will see it’s not that wild…hmm, then again by corporate standards it probably is.

    Thanks for the mention too.

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