Be Authentic When Communicating

Be Authentic When Communicating

Want to stand out from the general hype and din of most advertising and marketing communications? Want to forge an honest relationship with prospects and customers?

Follow these (not so) simple rules:

1. Tell me clearly who you are, and why you are contacting me.
2. Tell me clearly what you are, or are not, going to do with the information I give you.
3. Don’t pretend that you know me personally. You don’t know me; you know some things about me.
4. Don’t assume that we have a relationship.
5. Don’t assume that I want to have a relationship with you.

#3 is a great thing to keep in mind. After all, effective marketing is honest marketing. It’s all about being authentic, not phony, when approaching prospects in hopes of establishing a dialogue. The other four are excellent guidelines that (should) grow organically from #3.

These aren’t part of my Writing Secrets series, but they could be. They’re from a Crain’s NY piece (reg. req’d) via Dig Tank.

They’re billed as a “Communication Bill of Rights for Consumers,” principles I’d say every mass marketer should keep in mind.

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