Blang: More great "geekisms"

Blang: More great "geekisms"

Lisa Belkin, in the NY Times, has more great new geek words — something we blogged about the other day.

Belkin quotes Eve Fox, an electronic campaign guru in Washington, DC, who suggests a whole new language she calls ‘Blang,’ as in ‘Web language.’

“Blang is spoken by ‘Web wraiths’ — Tolkienesque creatures (i.e., most of us) who feel chained to their computers day and night.

Some Blang entries that tickled my funny bone:

Cybermoment — Confusion that arises when one person closes an instant-messaging window and the other person keeps ‘talking.’

Cylences — The long gaps in phone conversation that occur when a person is reading e-mail or cybershopping at the same time. (Ooh, nasty pun.)

Schoogle — A popular pastime, consisting of Googling the names of old classmates. (Ouch, another!)

Google-icious — The self-absorbed pride people feel when Googling themselves.

Reverberon: the kind of e-mail which has been forwarded endlessly and everywhere, by people known as regurgimailers.

Check out Lisa’s post here.

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