Blog communications tips – minus one

Blog communications tips – minus one

A recent post on the newly-reincarnated Business Blog Consulting asks, “What will a blog do for my business?”

Probably nothing, says John Jansch of Duct Tape Marketing fame, unless you follow his excellent suggestions. John’s list of blogging must-do’s are great, but he forgot one important thing — probably the MOST important thing. Take a look at his list and see if you can spot what’s missing:

“Using a blog correctly for most small businesses means these things at a minimum:

  • Post almost daily – keep at it for months
  • Answer the questions your clients ask you in your posts
  • Promote the heck out of your blog online and offline
  • Build a network of users and connectors around your blog
  • Read and participate in other blogs almost daily
  • Integrate your blog into your web site, ezine and marketing materials
  • Update the non-post elements of your blog

All good advice. What John knows (but probably just forgot to mention) is perhaps the most important thing of all: To provide information of interest and value to your target market.

So it takes both quantity and quality. Without both, your readers won’t come back, no matter how often you post.

  1. Simon RaybouldSimon Raybould10-03-2006

    Excellent point but I’d like to add another…..

    Along with quality and quantity must come novelty.

    For example, I work in the UK in the field of
    presentation skills training
    , so that’s what I blog about. (The blog’s called “TellingPeople!“) I think it’s a good and growing blog but, because of the interest in America particularly (and the fact that any Tom, Dick or Harry thinks they know how to do it! 🙂 ) there are lots of other such blogs out there….


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