Blog marketing reaps $100K in 5 months

Blog marketing reaps $100K in 5 months

Can a blog really attract customers? It can — if your customers are web developers. Peldi Guilizzoni, a solo software developer, built a web design mock-up tool called Balsamiq and promoted it on his blog.

In the “open” spirit of the Internet, Guilizzoni also posted his financial records right on his blog so everyone would know how things were going. And things are going… really, really well!

According to ReadWriteWeb, Peldi had $10k in sales within six weeks. Not bad. Now it’s five months later Balsamiq has brought in $100K (at roughly $79 per license). That averages out to $20K per month or $5K per week or $1000 per (work)day. Not too shabby for a one-person shop!

Have you experienced similar online success? Know of others who have? Share the joy in the comments.

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