Blogging for Bucks

Blogging for Bucks

Darren Rowse is a blogger’s blogger. He’s actually making a comfortable living via his blogs (yes, he’s got a bunch of them). His primary income comes from the ads on his sites, via AdSense and Chitika mini malls.

Sounds like a perfect way to make a fortune, right? Fat checks rolling in every month, and no pesky customers or clients to have to deal with. ;-)>

Well, if that’s how you’re making your money (or would like to) you ought to read Darren’s 10 Steps to Guarantee You’ll Never Make More than 0.14 cents per month with AdSense.

It’s his “top 10 tips for a guaranteed earning of 0.14 cents or less per month from your blog.” Darren’s dour tips might come off as a little heavy-handed in the humor department, but they’re true. And he knows his stuff.

  1. The New Business BlogThe New Business Blog04-15-2006

    I really enjoyed that article (but I’m pretty sarcastic myself). I think he makes a lot of good points that are useful even if you’re not using your blog or site to make money.

    For example, the article talks about not putting your ads in obscure places (like below the fold line). That’s a great point not only for ads, but for your content as well.

    If you have something that you want people to see, put it where they’re going to look!

  2. Tom McKayTom McKay04-15-2006

    You’re absolutely right, Brian. Thanks for the feedback. BRTW, I visited your new business’s Web site. Bet you can’t wait for the grand unveiling around Memorial Day!

    With all your preparations, I’m sure you’l be more than ready to launch. Just don’t let too much preparation paralyze you. Most of us operate on the “Ready – Fire – Aim” principle. Few of us can afford to wait for everything to be perfect. Just start, and keep tweaking as you go along.

  3. Tom McKayTom McKay04-15-2006

    Oops, I mean “BTW” 😉

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