Business books attract clients: example #2

Business books attract clients: example #2

Yesterday I wrote about the many benefits of writing a business book: credibility, visibility, even a tiny taste of celebrity.

A recent article in Manage Smarter agrees. It mentions, among others, a mortgage broker whose self-published book has attracted a steady stream of customers — and millions of dollars in revenues.

Also mentioned is presentation skills coach Susan Berkley, who self-published Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice. She’s sold 14,000 copies of her $14.99 book, but the article points out the real green comes from follow-up sales:

“Susan invites her book buyers to sign up for her free e-zine through her Web site. In the e-zine, Susan offers subscriptions to her monthly paid newsletter, and promotes her products, teleseminars and consulting/coaching services. The revenue from these additional services and products is many times higher than anything she has received from publishing her book.”

As I mentioned in my previous post, you don’t have to begin with a daunting project like a book. Start by writing articles or columns for trade publications in your field, even letters to the editor. Work with a copywriter or editor if you need help. Launch a blog and post articles demonstrating your expertise.

Collect your best advice in a tip sheet, either printed or as a pdf. Offer it to prospects as a freebie. Then, instead of chasing after new customers or clients, they come to you!

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