Bye bye Blogger?

Bye bye Blogger?

I’m getting pretty weary of Blogger’s many limitations and, uh, eccentricities (Can you say “bugs?”)

In the previous post (below), for example, I must have tried to format the color of my bullet list about 15 times, but no matter how I selected them, those first two bullet points would not turn yellow. Got it at last! #16 was the charm, I guess.

But should I really have to select all but the first letter of each bullet point, change it to yellow, then go back and select just the first letter and do it again? On each point?

So, I ask you, honored neighbors in the blogosphere, where should I take this thing? Typepad? WordPress?

What do you use, and why?

  1. Annalee BlysseAnnalee Blysse09-24-2005

    New here at Blogger… relatively. Lots of writers types use this one. I’m kind of curious about how to set up blog on my own website. I know a few people who have that capability.

  2. Tom McKayTom McKay09-24-2005

    That’s easy, Annalee. Just click the “Settings” tab, then “Publishing” and add your page name in the “Blog URL” field.

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