Bye bye, Yellow Pages

Bye bye, Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages logoWhen was the last time you reached for the Yellow Pages to find something? Been a while, I’ll bet.

Most of us sit in front of a computer a lot, so clicking Google is a lot faster than finding — then flipping through — the phone book. Not to mention you can’t enlarge the font in the phone book, like you can in your browser. (How? Click CTRL and the + sign of your numeric keypad.)

So it’s no surprise that telecommunications companies in many states are getting the OK to discontinue printing and distributing those dusty old relics of a bygone era. Even the phone companies themselves admit that most people now use the Internet rather than letting their fingers do the walking when they want to reach out and touch someone.

That’s also why it’s essential forĀ your small business to have a website today.

Footnote: Ironically, today is the last day of operation for Google’s free 411 alternative, 1-800-Goog.

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