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What’s missing from most websites? Selling power!

Your business website has one primary goal: to bring in leads which will convert into customers and revenue. Attraction and conversion.

Sure, it can reinforce your brand and polish your image, too. It’s also a way for potential customers to get to know, like and trust you enough to become customers. Fine.

But if it doesn’t eventually bring in revenue, even the most gorgeous website is simply an expensive failure. A beautiful mess.

That’s where expert SEO copywriting comes in.

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A great copywriter shows customers how you’re going to help them

To be successful, your website copy needs to be clear, concise and persuasive. You must relate to your potential customer, and get them to relate to you.

You must clearly explain the features, benefits and advantages from their point of view. Make it clear how you’re different, better. Why it’s in their best interests to buy. Craft sales messages language that triggers both emotional and logical responses. Without being obnoxious or pushy, make them eager to act now. And, oh yeah, be sure you use the keywords and phrases that will attract search engine traffic.

That’s a tall order. Clearly, it’s not a job for rookies. Sure, it’s tempting to take inexpensive shortcuts, or try to do it yourself.

But if making sales NOW is a top priority, you’re better off hiring an experienced SEO copywriter to do the job. Ideally, someone with magazine-writing experience. Someone familiar with the challenges of running a business of their own. Someone with 20+ years experience as a professional writer and a 10-year track record writing winning Web copy.

Someone like… um, me.

Is a website’s copy really that important?

Only if you want to make a sale.

Don’t get me wrong. Design, layout and graphics are important. Ugly websites don’t sell. Design sets a mood, attracts the prospect’s eye and points it toward your sales message. Design alone can’t close the sale. Only words – the right words – can persuade a customer to take out his credit card.

That’s why hiring a professional copywriter has such a great ROI (Return on Investment).

High-ROI copy converts lookers into buyers, and makes the cash register sing

Case studies reveal the power of persuasive copy:

  • Clear content improves conversion rates by a whopping 69%
  • SEO-optimized landing pages improve conversion by 50-60%
  • A stronger call to action boosts conversion up to 150%

Improving your website copy improves sales, so it’s definitely worth the investment. In fact, every dollar you invest in SEO copywriting often returns $5, $10, or even more.

Clear, relevant, persuasive content makes your website much better at doing its most important job: bringing in fresh leads, pre-qualifying those leads, and converting casual, skeptical browsers into eager, loyal customers.


Good SEO copy transforms your website from an expense into an investment — one that pays huge dividends. Search-engine-optimized copywriting is like a good sales rep: it brings in new orders you might have missed otherwise. It moves your website from the OVERHEAD side of the ledger to REVENUE, where it belongs.

Find out more about how my high-ROI SEO copywriting can pump up your cash flow and fatten your bottom line. Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation. There’s no obligation, no sales talk, no pressure.

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