B2B Sales Letters

Is your small business harnessing the power of Direct Response sales letters and landing pages?

Trackable and testable, an effective business-to-business sales letter, landing page or email campaign is one of the primary workhorses of small business marketing.

Powerful, personal and persuasive, sales letters (and their online equivalents) offer savvy marketers multiple opportunities to test and tweak various elements, including the headline, layout, copy, offer, mailing list, price and bonus materials.

In print or on the web, long or short, stand-alone or as part of a DM direct mail package, great sales letters appeal to both emotion and logic. They paint “word pictures” that are irresistible to the target market. They show the buyer — clearly and specifically — how much better their lives will be, if they’ll only blow the cobwebs off their wallets.

Unlike “image” advertising, sales letters and other direct response ads motivate the reader to call, click and take action — now!

Here are a few examples of print B-to-B sales letters I’ve written for various clients (All are PDF).

Landing pages: online sales letters

The online equivalent of a sales letter is called a landing page. Here’s a successful example.

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