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January 19th Workshop Explores How to Keep the Customers Happy — Here and Abroad

Customer service is like the weather. Everybody talks about it — but can anyone really improve it?

Cambridge-based author and global service delivery consultant Phil Verghis tackles this critical problem head-on in his upcoming Ultimate Customer Support Executive Workshop, to be held Jan. 19, 2010 at the Boston Marriott Newton. The workshop unveils Verghis’ proven solution: coaching high-level customer support executives to stand up for the rights of their customers.

Stand up for the customer

Customer service professionals often find themselves in a difficult dilemma, Verghis explains. On the one hand, they’re responsible for acquiring and retaining the customers that keep their companies profitable. Yet in many companies, these same professionals struggle to earn a seat at upper management’s decision-making table.

“To unleash the true power of the customer,” Verghis says, “service and support executives must first earn the respect of their colleagues — then demand it.”

Verghis, former vice president of infrastructure and support at Akamai Technologies, adds, “Standing up for your customer achieves three important goals. It boosts the satisfaction level of your customers, improves your organization, and advances your own career as a service and support professional.”

Customer Service Myths Debunked

The all-day workshop will also debunk many common myths about customer service. For example, contrary to conventional wisdom, not all customers expect great service. Some actually prefer a “no frills” approach. Verghis will also explain why the clients who pay the most may not really be your best customers. “These customers have often negotiated the biggest discounts, too. So they may not generate as much profit as you think. At the same time, these clients often consume a disproportionate amount of your company’s resources.”

Verghis’ workshop is based on his new book, The Ultimate Customer Support Executive: Unleash the Power of Your Customer (Silicon Press). Both the book and workshop guide senior support and service executives in making this quantum leap to the highest level of service. More information on the Jan. 19th workshop is available at



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