Dell hears bloggers (finally)

Dell hears bloggers (finally)

The PC maker has been the brunt of many a bad rap in the blogosphere (and beyond) lately. As I mentioned earlier, it started with a series of “Dell Hell” memos from blogger John Jarvis. First, he had major problems with his Dell laptop. When he complained (or tried to) he experienced nightmarish Customer Service from Hell.

You can read Jeff’s entire series of posts here.

Well, the mammoth computer maker has seen the light. Or heard the blogosphere. At least that’s what their PR reps say. Shankar Gupta reports in Online Media Daily:

“(Dell) says it has new procedures for dealing with the blogosphere. The company’s public relations department monitors blogs, looking for commentaries and complaints–and, starting about a month ago, began forwarding complaints with personally identifiable information to the customer service department so that representatives can contact dissatisfied consumers directly…”

PS: The article appeared the same day Jarvis finally got his refund from Dell.

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