D*lbert and obscenity

D*lbert and obscenity

Dilbert creator Scott Adams has a blog, of course. I mean, who doesn’t? But unlike most blogs, his is both funny and thought-provoking.

The other day Adams mused about the most obscene letter in the alphabet. He figures it must be the asterisk, “since it appears in almost every naughty word you see in print.” He calls it a loin cloth that protects our eyes from seeing all the smut out there.

“That smutty little character is attracted to obscenity like flies to sh*t. To be fair and balanced, it should be noted that the asterisk protects you from seeing naked cuss words that would otherwise blind you and put you on the slippery slope to porn addiction. But when you cover a naughty word’s turgid genitalia with an asterisk, no one knows what the f*ck you’re trying to say.

Enjoy it all here. (Obviously not suitable for those offended by naughty language.)

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