Do Blogs Generate Revenue?

Do Blogs Generate Revenue?

Probably not immediately, says Rich Brooks in Business Blog Consulting. As he puts it:

I argue that business blogging should fall into Stephen Covey’s second quadrant: important but not urgent. I don’t think many people would argue that a business blog alone is enough marketing for any company, even a business blog consultant. However, it can be a great, long-term investment…

That’s a pretty understated and sensible outlook. But wait a sec– Sometimes results outweigh our expectations. Rich’s post received this eye-opening comment:

Been blogging for slightly over a year. I have $35,000.00 in sales I can tie directly to blogging…

Now, $35K is no fortune, but it’s a nice additional chunk of change for a small business. (I know you’re curious, so I’ll tell you. He’s got a sign company.)

And as I mentioned a while back, one consultant just signed a sweet Fortune 50 deal because of her blogging.

Blog now, blog later, or don’t blog at all. Your choice. (You have the same choices with your company web site, brochure, business cards, etc.)

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