Do right by your customers — and the environment

Do right by your customers — and the environment

One “secret” of business success is doing what’s best for your customers, even if it’s not immediately (or ever) in the best interest of your company.

Nokia has announced an initiative that will benefit users of their mobile phones — and even green up the planet a bit.

The cell phone maker will soon roll out a series of phone chargers that beep and display an on-screen alert to let you know when the battery is fully charged, so unplug, please. (FWIW, my aging 2100 has always flashed a signal that it’s fully charged, but doesn’t beep.)

It’s a terrific consumer benefit, a potential PR goldmine, and a reason to be loyal to Nokia phones. Nokia says it could save enough electricity to power 85,000 homes annually. (!)

I, for one, didn’t realize that battery chargers keep consuming electricity even after the battery is full. (I know lithium ion batteries should be unplugged as soon as they’re charged, but that’s not for conservation reasons. This kind of consumer benefit could build loyalty to your cell phone manufacturer (even if you don’t feel the same way about your cell phone provider).

Can your business do something that benefits consumers and the environment? It’s a real opportunity to shine.

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