Do you repeat yourself? Do you? Well, do ya?

Do you repeat yourself? Do you? Well, do ya?

You should, you know. Everyone is busy, distracted, only half-listening. They’re quite likely to miss your marketing message the first time (or two).

Business Week‘s Michelle Nichols says offering your customer the same information in different ways can help get your message across and close the sale.

Her sales tips (paraphrased by me):

  • Listen for repeated complaints from customers. Then zero in on those pain points and how your product or service can solve them. Ignore the other great benefits you deliver — they’re not that important to this customer.
  • Repeat your benefits. After you’ve heard your customer complain several times, it’s time to create a pitch that repeats how your proposed solution solves their problem.
  • Repeat your prospecting calls. It’s more effective to call repeatedly on a smaller, targeted list than to make only one sales call each to a larger audience.
  • Encourage repeat customers.
  • Repeat and reinforce the benefits that will mean the most to this customer. (Oh, did I already mention that?)

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