Five ways to convert leads into sales

Five ways to convert leads into sales

In the latest issue of his Direct Response Newsletter, copywriter Bob Bly quotes the late Ray Jutkins, a great marketing teacher, as saying one of the best ways to convert a lead into a client is with a personal letter. Write it in a warm and friendly manner, be thorough in your reply, and get it back to them quickly.

Here are Jutkins’ five rules for more effective follow-up:

1. Answer every inquiry, no matter how “bad” it may
seem. You never know who may buy from you tomorrow,
even though today they may not.

2. When you answer, make it with a personal letter. A
letter will improve your response.

3. No matter what you send in response — do it
quickly. Take no longer than 48 hours … sooner if

4. Be warm and friendly. Write your answer and present
your message as if you care. You do, so express that

5. Reply completely and fully. Do not tease. Give your
prospect what you promised you would. Give them what
they expect.

Once again, the experts agree: good commiunications skills are the key to $ucce$$.

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  1. ME StraussME Strauss04-07-2006

    Well said.

  2. Tom McKayTom McKay04-08-2006

    Leave it to a good writer to see the value. Thanks, Liz, but I can’t take the credit. That should go to Jutkins.

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