Fix your website copy

Fix your website copy

Copywriter John Forde recently wrote an article called “11 Things You Can Do Right Now to ‘Fix’ a Business Website.”

I’ll take the liberty of paraphrasing a few of his best points:

  • Define your site’s purpose in five words or less. (What are you trying to accomplish? Keep it simple.)
  • Put a great headline at the top of the first page, something with a powerful emotional “hook.” (A big problem, a shocking statement, a huge benefit.)
  • Get a big benefit “above the fold” (before the visitor has to start scrolling down the page).
  • If you’re building a mailing list, get your signup box “above the fold.”
  • Strip away pointless graphics, photos and Flash animation.
  • Make sure your subheads are so compelling, they force the visitor to keep reading.
  • Read your copy out loud. It helps you zero in — and eliminate — the stuff that’s boring, unclear, or unnecessary.

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