"Flipping" Web sites for fun and profit

"Flipping" Web sites for fun and profit

Real estate investors do it with houses. Entrepreneurs do it with businesses. Should you do it with Web sites?

The “it” is buying, fixing up and selling properties — in this case, underperforming Web sites. Yaro Starak of the Entrepreneur’s Journey blog has just published a detailed explanation of how (and why) you might consider it. He covers the advantages of buying an existing site over starting a new one of your own, seven possible acquisition strategies, and what to do once you’ve taken the plunge.

“Making a profit may be as simple as implementing a smart AdSense campaign on a popular site after buying it from an owner wishing to move on to other things. Perhaps an e-commerce site could use some search engine marketing or some tweaking to an AdWords campaign might do the trick, or better still, monetize, optimize, affiliate and upsell for maximum gain – make use of all the marketing tricks at your disposal.” Link

Yaro’s post offers another great example of what I call “information marketing,” a powerful new approach to attracting customers (which is what marketing is all about). Yaro generously shares the information he has worked very hard to acquire, which boosts his credibility tremendously.

You can read more about info-marketing and other aspects of attracting customers on my Web site.

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