"Free" as in "Freelance"

"Free" as in "Freelance"

Freelancing is more than a way to make a living — it’s a way of life.

Working Today surveyed over 2,800 freelancers last spring and discovered that most are creative, independent and fiercely dedicated to their lifestyle. Their free report, The Rise of the Freelance Class, looks at how they (we) are doing. A few key findings:

  • Freedom is important to freelancers. Almost all (86%) cited having a “flexible schedule” or some form of freedom (60%)—from office politics, difficult bosses, cubicles and commutes—as the primary benefits of freelancing.
  • Freelancers work in the city’s key industries: advertising, publishing, film and television, technology and the arts.
  • Freelancers are an emerging constituency. More than half (53%) see themselves as members of a freelancer community. 100% have voted in a national election, 87% in a state election and 83% in a local election.
  • Freelancers are falling out of the social safety net. About 28% spent some portion of the last year without health insurance. Less than half (47%) save money for retirement each month.

If you’re self-employed — or considering it — you ought to check it out.

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