Freedom of the press/blog

Freedom of the press/blog

Random thought while reading Seth Godin’s latest, who’s there:

Freedom of the press, they used to say, was restricted to those who owned one. Now, every blogger has one, and anyone can become a blogger/publisher. As Seth puts it:

Today, all printing presses are created equal. And everyone owns one. Which means that a good idea on a little blog has a very good chance of spreading.

Back in colonial times, rabble-rousers, crackpots and patriots (it was soooo hard to tell the difference) spread their (literally) revolutionary ideas by printing one-sheet “broadsides” decrying King George or the Stamp Act or the latest indignity imposed on colonists by the Crown.

Today, blogs give each of us the same freedom. We can rant whenever we want, about anything we want. And we don’t even get printer’s ink all over our hands…

The revolution has indeed begun.

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