Funny business writing

Funny business writing

As a business writer myself, I love anyone who can write about business, especially technology which I love, with wit and insight. So one column/blog I read almost daily is Good Morning Silicon Valley.

First launched in July 1996, GMSV is one of the longest running technology Web logs around. Written by John Paczkowski with John Murrell, “it looks askance at the technology news of the day with an authoritative eye and irreverent wit,” according to its “About” page.

Yesterday’s lead headline was typically hilarious. It came on the heels of Massachussetts’ announcement that the state is migrating to open file formats — thus abandoning proprietary formats like MS Ofice, Lotus Notes and WordPerfect. The headline:

Ballmer, get your butt out to Boston, and for heaven’s sake stay away from the beans

Read the entire thing here.

  1. Fortune Informatics Ltd.Fortune Informatics Ltd.09-25-2005

    Are we LOST?

    Information is available everywhere, collecting the right information becomes an issue. There is no validity of the info available.

    Can there be a S.E who shows authenticated information only?

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