Going solo?

Going solo?

Are you self-employed? Ever flirted with the idea? Freelance web designer Garrett Dimon considers the joys — and the terrors — in a blog entry called About Going Solo. Many would-be entrepreneurs expect a joyous and carefree lifestyle, he cautions. OK, there is some of that. But as he points out:

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as creating a web site and cashing checks. There’s a lot more to running a business that isn’t sexy or fun. Parts of owning your own business are downright boring, tedious, and expensive. Thanks to Lifehack for the link.

Then Garrett provides a variety of links to info about taxes, accounting, sales, marketing, pricing your work, health insurance… (Sheesh! No wonder he’s bummed out!)

Hey, in spite of all Garrett’s “sad but true” facts, self-employment is a lifestyle with fabulous perks. My favorites: good coffee, flexible hours, private (corner) office with (not one but two!) windows, and a Golden Retriever at my feet who’s ready to go whenever I need to take a break and clear my head. Try and get THAT in cubicle land!

As I commented on his blog:

Hey, if you love what you do and treasure your independence, I think solo is the only way to fly…

BTW, I’m writing a book about the joys and pitfalls of self- employment. So I’d love to hear from any of you who want to share your stories. Preferably the triumphs, but I can take the truth. Thanks!

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