Great New Geek Words

Great New Geek Words

English is a living, breathing language, constantly adding new words to express new ideas. At least that’s what my high school Latin teacher told me. (Or was it Father Reid, my Greek teacher?)

Here are some new words, coined for a Valleywag contest. I’m not sure how many you’ll be able to use in your Internet marketing or copywriting materials, but it’s worth taking a moment to the authors’ cleverness. Among the winners:

WiFired — Getting thrown out of an Internet cafe for spending 4 hours ‘working on your startup’ after buying one small mocha.

Typerventilating — Rapidly sending instant messages. Having a panic attack via AIM.

Sext Messaging: Sending salacious text messages to somebody, replacing phone sex.

Hotsquatting: “Borrowing” open wifi connections wherever they are found.

Bee break: The act of sneaking off to the bathroom in the middle of dinner to scroll through one’s BlackBerry.

Gushroom Effect: The gush, awe and fan-base increase proportional to the size of one’s or a company’s estimated wealth.

And my favorite, probably because of its throwback to classical Greek…

Goobris: The arrogance exhibited by many in (Silicon) Valley, especially those that believe “the geek shall inherit the Earth.”

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