Have you been blacklisted?

Have you been blacklisted?

Getting your company on an e-mail blacklist is easy. Getting off is a lot tougher. As yesterday’s New York Times illustrates, it’s easy to get labeled a spammer.

“… Even people who follow the rules and do not send unwanted e-mail can find themselves in a jam. (One) company shared its server with some clients, and one of them sent out e-mail that was flagged as spam. (The innocent) company was guilty by association, as are many companies that use outside e-mail service providers that offer shared servers.”

Certain precautions can reduce your chances of landing on some blacklist. First, make sure your e-mail service provider is a reputable one, committed to eliminating spam.

“The company should use outbound spam filters, have stringent antispam policies in place and be willing to enforce them. The company should also have some sort of deliverability reporting in place so it can tell you how many of your messages get through and are opened by end users. Finally, if you can afford it, try to send e-mail from your own server. Using a shared e-mail server… can be risky.”

See article here.

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