I hear Madison Ave. cackling in joy

I hear Madison Ave. cackling in joy

As if viewers didn’t resent commercials enough already…

Phillips is working on a way to actually prevent you from changing the channel during commercial breaks, or fast-forwarding through them on programs you’ve recorded.

In their patent application, the company admits that their gizmo may be “greatly resented by viewers.” Gee, you think so? If it’s ever installed, expect the number of viewers shooting their televisions to soar…

What’s next? A couch that refuses to let you stand up and leave the room during commercials? A robot arm that pins your eyes open, a la Clockwork Orange?

New Scientist via GMSV.

  1. The New Business BlogThe New Business Blog04-22-2006

    I think this just goes to show that traditional forms of advertisement, i.e. TV, Radio and Newspapers, are going the way of the dinosaurs.

    Companies are going to have to come up with more creative ways if they want to catch the attention of a population of people that have learned to tune out the advertisement “noise.”


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