Imus petition, rally, and a "fake Don Imus blog"

Imus petition, rally, and a "fake Don Imus blog"

Imus in the Morning used to promote itself as “This ain’t your mother’s morning show.” Actually, it turns out, it is. And your grandmother’s too.

The comments I’ve received suggest that Imus fans are not predominantly male, as one might have expected. There are lots of females, too, as young as college age and extending well into their 80s. A lot more older women than I would have expected.

Other comments reveal:

  • They don’ t mind being called I-Hos. (Even the guys.) One told me, “Being an I-ho sure beats being a media ho!”
  • Petitions are now being circulated to pressure MSNBC and CBS to bring him back.
  • A rally will be held in NYC on June 29, when the petitions will be presented to the three media outlets. Imus supporters are coming from as far away as Washington State — now that’s a dedicated fan!
  • Somebody has started a “fake” Imus blog. A commenter tipped me off to it, and I must say, it’s pretty funny. The guy writes like Imus talks, so if your ears are offended by vulgarity, don’t go there.Wait a minute, what am I saying? These are Imus fans! 😉

With apologies to Steven Stills:

“If you can’t watch the Imus you love,
now you can read the Imus you’ve got.”

  1. AnonymousAnonymous06-14-2007

    Mr. McKay,

    Guess there is nothing we can do about this situation. Freedom of speech and all. And he does declare he is the “Fake Don Imus”. Hope you can be with us on June 29th, 2007. NBC and CBS are sure going to be happy.

    Bruce from Florida

  2. AnonymousAnonymous06-14-2007

    Mr. McKay, thank you for the story regarding Mr. Imus & helping all his fans attempt to right a wrong! The world sure is a crazy place & for someone like Don Imus ‘racis” confirms how crazy it truly has become, particularly when the demigod sharpton deemed his firing appropriate action for Mr. Imuses attempt at humor & to be more with the “accepted” language of the times. And the fact the “established” rules & zero tolerence at MSNBC were counseled by Olberman & Roker, when do you suppose MSNBC will hand mr roker his walking papers? Not only is Don Imus not “racist” but a double standard was definately established that msm is not even talking about much. I thank you for your service & efforts to promote & ensure equality, choice, thought & speech. I too am in boycott of MSNBC/CBS/sponsors, Ditmar, James Ditmar

  3. AnonymousAnonymous06-15-2007

    Mr. McKay,

    I received a very disturbing email purporting to be from you regarding the “Fake Don Imus”.

    Can you clear this up please. I believe it is not you but need something that you can relate to this situation.

    Thanking you in Advance,
    Bruce from Florida

  4. ReeRee06-15-2007

    Oh thank you, for the link to Fake Imus, that is just what Imus fans sound like. I have so been missing the humor. When this started I commented, if I wanted to wake up to a grumpy old man in the morning, these days, I had to kick my husband out of bed…and he was starting to get sore about it (GRIN)

  5. JulieJulie06-16-2007

    Love ‘fakeimus’ and ‘fakemccord’! I’ve got to have something to read and laugh at during these long days of summer without our ‘Imus in the Morning’!

  6. LareeLaree06-17-2007

    Mr McKay,

    This is slightly related to the discussion there is buzz that GE is going to sell off NBCU, the article came out on the June 15th. I have long proposed that if GE sold off at least MSNBC that the network could be restructured,reorganized and rebranded then it could comeback to compete in the market place…I do believe the entity Media Matters and it’s apparent influence on MSNBC had to do with MSNBC’S latest problems…I have said of MSNBC, if you lay down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

    I had held out the smallest of hopes that if MSNBC fired the management the talent could comeback. Looks now like that isn’t going to happen.

    When Imus comes back -resurfaces it is anyones guess where. D.L.Hughley is under fire by the Black Leadership this time, they protested his show down in Ft Worth…they wanted him to apologize, he won’t and he won’t retract his statement he made on tonight show, after Don Imus was fired. I think D.L.Hughley will show them up for Paper Tigers…I have been watching following the opponents of Imus, ever since he was fired…this would be the 3rd time they targeted someone. The first when Imus was fired 2nd when Bernard McGuirk tried to guest host up in Boston for 3 days and now D.L. Hughley. I have been trying to figure out how far this group’s influence spread…it appears it doesn’t have the same influence down in Texas and I am not suprized. D.L.Hughley is a proponent of Free Speech, he stated it is a sum zero with him. I believe the only thing the protest of his show did was show that these people only have power over the media if you let them. The discussion was highjacked from the beginning this isn’t about Race it is about Free Speech…these self appointed Moral’s Police don’t seem to think they have any serious opponents to their agenda.

  7. ReeRee06-25-2007

    Mr McKay

    An Update from the Imus Fans at Supportimus Org there is now an Imus Fan Map we are pushing this viral.

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