Imus supporters: young, old, loud, proud

Imus supporters: young, old, loud, proud

Don Imus and his abrupt (and unfair) ouster from the airwaves continues to stir passionate comments. 100% of the comments I got support the I-Dude, mostly in passionate terms. (Where are the others? The witch hunters and haters? Maybe they’re busy hounding other public figures.)

While the sample was tiny — OK, infinitesimal — the demographic range of the commenters astounds me. Who knew the I-Man had millions of fans in every age bracket, from a 76 year-old female in NJ (actually, just one of several in their 70s) to today’s most recent comment from a 21 year-old college senior named Michelle.

I found Michelle’s comments to be especially eloquent and insightful. They certainly reflect well on her and her so-called “slacker” generation. Take a look:

“Believe it or not, a lot of kids my age enjoyed the I-Man… If you go on Facebook or other social networking sites, you’ll see a lot of kids who are in Imus in the Morning fan groups. I fell in love with (the show) because I love politics, news, and comedy. While I enjoy The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I think the Imus show was superior, simply because it had longer interviews, more discussion, and a great deal of humorous conversation.”

Like me (and you, no doubt) Michelle loved the variety Imus delivered.

“Sometimes it was a comedy show; sometimes it was news and politics; sometimes it was an activism/progressive show; sometimes it was a music program. It was really a marvelous thing… One thing I also loved… was that it was not a partisan hack program. Most news shows only offer the “left” opinion or the “right” opinion. Even though Imus and his cast mostly leaned Republican, they called BS when they saw it on *any* topic. I really appreciated that.

Watching Imus made her feel like she was pulling a fast one on advertisers while thumbing her nose at popular culture.

“As a young female, advertisers expect me to be obsessed with Gilmore Girls or Laguna Beach or whatever. Yet here I was… tuning into a crazy old man in a cowboy hat… The news reports (gave) the impression that Imus fans were nothing but a bunch of old ignorant racist Klansmen. To paraphrase one of the previous commenters, I am young, female, and educated – and proud to be an I-Ho.”

What about you? Are you also proud to be an I-Ho?

BTW, guys — does that term apply to us, too?

  1. AnonymousAnonymous06-13-2007

    Michelle, Join us at! Have you & your cohorts sign the petition & consider joining the rally June 29 in NYC….we are an inciteful crew & welcome all new comers! BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS, Ms. M

  2. AnonymousAnonymous06-13-2007

    Mr. McKay, keep up the good work, you are doing a great service for those who want “reporting” with the style & flair only Imus has…we don’t want generic spin, we want the REAL DEAL! and until we get it we won’t stop BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS/known sponsors who bailed on the peoples voice….MS.M

  3. AnonymousAnonymous06-13-2007

    Imus is a crusty old reprobate, who told it like it is. His absence is sorely missed by the rest of us non-conformists & his firing had nothing to do with his being “racist”. His apology was accepted by the offended & I believe the bigger offense was committed by those incapable of accepting it. And because his apology was not enough for the left we are without a voice. I certainly hope what happened to him is not lost on his following. I cheer the day of his return & the TRUTH will be told, & will be the undoing of those responsible for clearing the airwaves in the name of “decency”. how decent is it to not recognize an accepted apology? Shareholders should be asking MSNBC/CBS exec’s hard questions & not let them squirm away. as the world turns, so does the worm. J. Ditmar

  4. AnonymousAnonymous06-13-2007

    Thank you Mr. McKay for keeping our fight in the forefront of your columns. Please support Imus and us by going to and sending the Support Imus newsletter to anyone you know that may sign the petition or possibly join us in NY on the 29th.

    I hope maybe you’ll be able to make it on the 29th so that you can see us in action…and hey, it’s another article!

    Starting your day with Imus and the gang was the best!

    Thank you so much and take care,

    We will continue to boycott MSNBC, CBS and sponsers on our lists until Imus is back with us…

  5. AnonymousAnonymous06-13-2007

    As I stated on my My Space blog, when Imus was first fired, I thought that all his listeners would be somewhat like myself. That was the genius of the show, as I found out, that his listeners were, young, old, conservative, liberal, democrat, republican. The show had this wide appeal which we all could watch. I guess the main thing I have found we have in common is we don’t like a lot of fluff and bullsh*t and like to make up our own minds. That’s all we have left now on the wasteland of tabloid tv, fluff and bullsh*t.

    I have been boycotting MSNBC and the advertisers who pulled out since day one and will continue to do so if I am the last man (woman) standing.

    I don’t think anybody quite realized what Imus had going on there. At first they said it was a good ole boys club, but then it became known he has many loyal and diehard female fans. I am proud to be one of them. An I-ho with a made up mind, keeping it real.

  6. AnonymousAnonymous06-13-2007

    I couldn’t believe what I was watching as Imus was eaten alive by the 24 hr news cycle. His demise was simply because it was a slow news week! I don’t know when I’ve came to respect a man more than Dom Imus! I watched him put his back into the Center for Intrepid Hero’s fund and before all our eyes it was completed! My father is a 86 year old WW II Veteran and loved watching Mr Imus with me every morning! MSNBC took one of lifes little pleasures away from him at a time when pleasures are growing fewer by the day! God Bless America…God Bless my father..and God Bless Don Imus!!!

  7. PTBartmanPTBartman06-13-2007

    Mr McKay,

    Great column.

    To answer your second question first, “Are guys I-Hos?”

    Why not? I personally though prefer the term I-maniac owing to my lifelong fandom of professional wrestling(It’s as real as you want it to be.)

    But no matter what you call us we are the ImusArmy defending the I-nation against the hypocrissy of the I-diots (their problem isn’t that they don’t get it, their problem is that they don’t get that they don’t get it.)

    Enough about us, let’s talk about me…

    Onto your first question, “What about you? Are you also proud to be an I-Ho?”

    Damn straight I am.

    And I lay claim, so far, to possibly be the longest listening I-maniac/Ho of them all.

    As I wrote at (shameless Imuslike plug),
    I started listening to Imus January 30th 1973.

    For my eighth birthday I had gotten my own radio. I fell asleep listening to Wolfmanjack (“OMG there’s a wolfman on the radio a real honest to god wolfman Ma”)

    That morning i woke up and for the first time heard those four words. “Imus in the morning” (quack quack)

    And I’ve listened (more on than off) for over 34 years.

    I’ve spent the last 25 yrs of my life as a progressive working in the social justice movements.

    I’m a former member of the NJ anti-apartheid Coalition. Worked on both of Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaigns. Jobs with Justice. Trade Unions. Marched all over the East coast. Lobbied for the NJ-Anti discrimination bill.

    I could go on and on but trust me I have my “bona-fides” and have paid my dues over the years.

    If anybody would know if Imus was a racist, or bigot of any stripe, it would be me.

    My Mom was also a huge Imus fan. (They both were born July 23, 1939. )

    In the late 80’s we both worked at AT&T and carpooled together. At first we alternated what was on the radio but it wasn’t long before the I-man won her over.

    While she didn’t always like everything he said she rarely missed his show. When he married Deidre, she sent him a card. When Wyatt was born, same thing. When he started getting heat over the White House Correspondents dinner, Mom was the first to rush to his defense. Above all else my Mom believed in forgiveness and redemption.

    Mom passed on just under two years ago. I’m fighting this fight for the both of us.

    Join us Tom. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

    For more information about me (another shameless Imusian plug)check out my Blog at

    I’m PTBartman and I approve this message.

  8. Linda SLinda S06-13-2007

    Thank you, Mr. Tom McKay! We love any positive support for the I-man and yes, Mr. Tom, YOU can be an I-HO. 🙂 …. Linda S

  9. AnonymousAnonymous06-13-2007

    Hey Tom you gotta know being an I-ho sure beats being a media ho! a little about myself: have fought against inequity since I realized what it was. have been a union rep, worked the picket line for months at a time & it paid off as I retired with full pension very early in my career. have raised large sums of money for worthwhile causes, have been a dem pty chair & delegate (gave that up as I do not like the direction the party is heading as they seem to promote inequity instead of fighting against it) have had a lot of fun & laughs & not ready to give that up so here I am fighting against the inequity of the Imus firing & the ramifications caused in the name of limited CHOICE, THOUGHT & SPEECH…I don’t know of all the people I have affected but know its many merely by opening my yap & saying the right thing at the right time…enjoy a good challenge, know how to work hard & play hard too….believe in the power of BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS, Ms. M

  10. AnonymousAnonymous06-14-2007

    I’m not surprised about Michelle at all. I started listening to Imus in my mid 20s on the radio sitting in Boston morning traffic over 15 years ago (I’m 41 now). I had a long commute and the Imus group became my company sitting in traffic. I was still young and learned so much from the show. You could say I grew up with the show. I found I was outgrowing the The Today Show so when Imus was put on MSNBC, it became my morning TV show too. It was a show my husband and I could actually enjoy together (he’s liberal and I’m conservative) vs. The Today Show which he refused to watch (do men actually watch that show?). Two years ago our son was diagnosed w/ Asperger’s Syndrome (high functioning autism) so my favorite morning man became my champion. He really made a difference keeping us informed and pushing us to be advocates for our child. Mr. McKay, do you have any ideas for us? We’re desperate to get Mr. Imus back on the air. I’ll be heading to NYC for the rally – long trip and very expensive but well worth it.

  11. LareeLaree06-14-2007

    Mr McKay,

    I am 4th generation Montanan, we homesteaded back in 1894. I still have family in the Ranch Business my cousins Laura and Stan “Moonriverarabians” My husband is in the Army so we move from Duty Station to Duty Station. I listened to Johnny Dare in KC., Jack and Ron and Bladerunner in OKC., I listen to Walton & Johnson, down here in Texas…there are photos in my picture section on myspace page of my husband and Johnny Dare St Patricks Day, KC.,2000, when you move all over, you find things to make you feel at home…DJs and Shock Jocks, got the job done for us. It didn’t matter where we lived I could get Imus…I really don’t think the Suits at CBS,MSNBC or NBC, really had a clue about Imus’s following…loyal following and when his listeners-viewers didn’t see Imus being treated with ANY loyalty…well you can imagine the natural outcome. My heros have always been cowboys…and it doesn’t sit well with me still, the way they took down that old cowboy. Kinky Friedman put it best in his aticle on his friend Don Imus, Cowards Kick Away Another Piece of America’s Soul. I am also very thankful to Don Imus and his Crew, for their advocacy of the American Military Service Person and their Families. I wonder sometimes if the decision makers at the networks, ever even watched or listened to Imus in the Morning?

  12. jmccaul1jmccaul106-14-2007

    I have been listening to the I Man since some buddies of mine turned me on to him back in the summer of 1990. I loved the political insight I found with him, his excellent interviews and irreverent humor.

    I have never been much of protester but for the first time in my life I plan to travel to NYC from Rochester, NY to let these guys know just how angry I am with their to decision to take Imus off the air.

    Further, I am even more outraged that Al Roker appears to be getting a pass on his joke regarding epileptics. Al set the standard in his blog back in April and I would love to see Al held to his own standards.

  13. AnonymousAnonymous06-14-2007

    I’m a 50-year-old male and just miss the demo! Is that why we’re being screwed? Because we’re not all young…well, I know I have plenty of money to spend and supported Imus’ advertisers. My wife doesn’t buy any P&G products anymore…she’s the queen shopper so they have to miss her and her American Express card. The bottom line though is our mornings suck now.

  14. AnonymousAnonymous06-14-2007

    Hey, did anybody else see the “Fake Don Imus” blog? It’s pretty funny. Sounds like Imus, too. Best of all, he’s plugging the NYC rally!

  15. AnonymousAnonymous06-14-2007

    I’m a 41-year-old wife, mother and I-Ho. Thanks for your kind words. I hope we can get him back on the air soon. If I have to watch Fox & Friends much longer, I may lose my mind.

  16. AnonymousAnonymous06-15-2007

    I’m a 56-year-old wife, mother, & I-Ho since the early ’90s…hubby, too! We’ve canned MSNBC except for a few sneak peeks at the hideous “replacements” since April 12…hideous! The I-Man can’t come back soon enough…we need the REAL DEAL!!

  17. AnonymousAnonymous06-17-2007

    50 female from new orleans
    I have been watching Imus for the past 10 years and appreciate your recognition that those who watched him come from many different walks of society.

  18. judycorbinsmithjudycorbinsmith06-18-2007

    I am a ‘long in the tooth’ [If I had any teeth} Imus fan. I live in my old 3rd grade classroom at St. Dominic’s Parochial school. I was taught by the Sisters of Mercy during the 50’s. It was just too funny to hear Bernie do his profane Cardinal schtick – and when Imus played the George Carlin Sister Mary Elephant shuuuuuutup – well – it was a riot! Imus told the truth as he saw it & he enlightened me in so many ways. The show was topical. He did political satire & gallows humor & I ‘got it’. Sheesh! I miss the show!

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