Information marketing, IBM and your organization

Information marketing, IBM and your organization

IBM joins podcast craze with audio think-pieces” blares the headline.

This is significant, I think — not because it’s a podcast, necessarily, but because it’s yet another example of something I believe is essential in 21st century marketing: “information marketing”.

What is info marketing? Freely sharing your knowledge with the world.

Smart companies like IBM have been doing it for years. Now small businesses, service professionals, consultants, writers, designers and other knowledge workers are discovering they can attract more clients, enhance their credibility and boost their visibility by using info-marketing to share their knowledge, experience and insights with interested members of the public (a/k/a prospects).

In some ways it’s like a blog, but with a much broader reach.

As a freelance marketing communications writer, I regularly help clients write and package choice nuggets from their knowledge base. These might morph into 20-minute lunchtime talks, full-length magazine articles or columns, white papers, op-ed pieces, even letters to the editor.

Then of course there are news releases, case histories, success stories, presentations, speeches — not to mention the company web site and blog (of course!)

I just posted a full-length article that might help you see the advantages of sharing your valuable business intelligence with prospects. Take a look if you’re interested.

Afterward, I’d love to hear what you think. Come on back and post your comments here.

  1. ShaneShane08-09-2005

    Great article Tom. I recently read “InfoGuru Marketing” by Robert Middleton and he contends that most marketing doesn’t work because we are trying to GET something. Too much of our attention and activities are focused on trying to get clients to work with us, and by trying to get clients, we actually push them away. It seems so logical, but yet we all seem to fall into the me, me, me marketing trap.

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