Is your marketing message Six Feet Under?

Is your marketing message Six Feet Under?

Six Feet Under is gone. The HBO series about an undertaking family is itself six feet under, alive now only on DVD.

(Warning: plot spoiler ahead)

Is your marketing message as lifeless as Nate?

Life, energy, enthusiasm — your marketing collateral need these qualities. In addition, the closer your sales letters and brochures come to communicating your true personality, your true passion, the more they’ll resonate with potential clients and customers. And the more response you’ll get.

If you’re not passionate about your business and the value to deliver to the clients you serve, who will be? Marcia Yudkin has a good writing tip if you’re struggling to find your authentic “voice” in your copywriting:

To communicate with life, set aside what you're supposed to
say, and write your first draft from the heart. Does it
have spunk, energy, individuality? Good! Then and only
then, smooth the rough edges and edit for clarity.

So go ahead, put yourself out there, in print or online. Be yourself — but be lively, too.

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