Joining the "free" world

Joining the "free" world

Congrats and bon voyage to Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey. The Aussie blogger has just quit his “real” job at a help desk and made the leap into full-time self employment, which he writes about here.

Yaro has entered the “free” world.

Of course, if you read his blog (which is well worth your time if you’re entrepreneurially inclined) , you know this young guy already is making a decent living as a blogger. With his Internet savvy and business sense, I have no doubt his plunge into FTSE (full-time self-employment) will bring him great success — and great joy.

Someone once said there are two kinds of people in the world: entrepreneurs — and those who work for one. Yaro is definitely the first type.

Welcome aboard, Yaro!

  1. YaroYaro10-03-2005

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks again for your well wishes. I must say it FEELS that much better to be focussed 100% on my own businesses.

    So how long have you been doing the solopreneur thing?


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