Lojack for your laptop?

Lojack for your laptop?

Sounds like a great idea. Your laptop is stolen, you call a toll-free number, and the company tells you where to find it as soon as the bandits go online. Even police are cooperating to help you track down the perps.

But Forbes writer David A. Andelman is rightfully concerned about privacy:

“First, the software does live on your computer pretty much forever. You can “uninstall” the software, but I had to wonder whether it really goes away. Second, it turns out that the folks in Vancouver can, only on your instructions of course, wipe the hard disk or any of the data or software on it when you report the computer stolen. Now that’s great, if you don’t want your last five years’ tax returns falling into the hands of a greedy whistle-blower. But, despite Livingstone’s assurances, I was a little worried about just how much Tania in Absolute’s recovery department was able to see on my hard drive back there in Vancouver.

There it is again: the delicate balance between security and privacy. It’s one of those things that keeps me awake at night. You, too? Hey, I want to be safe. But I want my privacy, too — just the Bill of Rights guarantees.

It’s a serious concern. If you were doing the marketing for this company, how would you address this customer worry?

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