Note: Many of these articles are pretty old and originally appeared in print publications (remember those?) and have not been properly re-formatted for reading on the Web. Some of the information and links may also be dated. Caveat emptor, baby.

Free Publicity: Creating the “media kit”

The care and feeding of reporters, producers and other exotic creatures

Free Samples

— Why even rock stars are giving it all away

Why Don’t Ad Agencies Advertise?

Shouldn’t they practice what they preach?

Should You Write Your Own Business Book?

Why let Jack Welch and Tom Peters have all the fun (and get all the fame)?

How to Give Yourself a Raise

Start by not spending so much

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

Can you really do two things at once?

Business Jargon

— When is it appropriate?

The High Cost of “Free”

Doing it right usually has a price

Information Marketing

What IBM‘s audio “think pieces” should be telling you about your company

How to Attract More Customers

Kick your marketing materials up a notch

Overcome your “Presentation Panic”

Manage your fear and dazzle them!

The ABCs of Advertising

—  A Basic Guide for Beginners

Create a Powerful Brochure

Step by step, here’s how it’s done

Time Management Magic

Not enough hours in the day?

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