Marketing communications lesson #76: Don't make a jerk of yourself

Marketing communications lesson #76: Don't make a jerk of yourself

A sidewalk food vendor near Boston has given two Salem boys, ages 9 and 11, a lesson in cutthroat business techniques.

Sausage Vendor Shuts Down Kids’ Lemonade Stand

But wait — This just in from the “Instant Karma” department:

“Sausage seller Jarrod Clowery said he regrets ever calling police, and added he’s been getting icy stares around Salem.”

Well, good. Maybe the whole town will boycott the guy for being such a humbugging Scrooge.

So, you gotta figure… after all this bad publicity, the owner’s gonna do a little damage control, marketing-wise? Right? Maybe let the kids set up their stand after all? Maybe even throw ’em a few bucks to ease the pain (not to mention rehabilitate his image)? Smart PR could actually turn this into a very positive…

Oops, I guess not.

The owner of the sausage stand is unapologetic. “I’m not the bad guy here,” Kevin Kefalas told the Salem News. “I don’t care if kids want to make a little money, but why can’t they go to Pickering Wharf? Why do they have to do it 40 feet behind me?”

Some guys just don’t get it. And probably never will.

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