Marketing's biggest mistake

Marketing's biggest mistake

Most marketing makes one major mistake. It focuses too much on YOU, your company, your services, the bells and whistles on your nifty new 2006 model widget. It’s not about YOU — it’s about your customer.

Information marketing takes a more consultative approach. The main focus is on your prospect: their needs and wants, and information about how to satisfy those needs and wants.

What information should you share? Obviously, it depends on the work you do and the audience you serve. But it must have value to your target market. The higher the value of the info you share, the more they’ll value it — and you.

Old news = “So what?”
Common knowledge = “Who cares?”

My suggestion: Give away a few of your best secrets. Juicy insider info fascinates the right people (i.e., the ones who are interested in your services). Sharing valuable info drives up your credibility. It convinces potential clients there must be lots more where that came from.

But wait a minute, you’re thinking. If you give away your secrets, your hard-won knowledge, what will you have left to sell?

Well, you’re not giving away the whole store, of course. You probably couldn’t, even if you wrote an entire book. You’re just giving them a chunk of it. A taste. A free sample, just like the man selling fudge at the carnival.

It’s a fair trade. After all, your “insider information” will attract people who are interested in what you do — perhaps very interested. There’s a name for people like that: prospects!

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