Marshall Brain's online book publishing odyssey

Marshall Brain's online book publishing odyssey

Wanna write a book? Wanna watch someone else do it?

Marshall Brain has been an education and an inspiration to me and, I’m sure, many others. He’s best known for his website How Stuff Works and his essay/ slide show, How to Make a Million Dollars. (If you haven’t read the latter, do so immediately. IMHO, it’s more useful than an MBA.)

His WebKEW blog (see link at right) is a book-in-progress, unfolding on his blog. Subject: Making money with a web site.

Now Marshall is writing and publishing a book, and chronicling the entire process online. He’s unselfishly letting the rest of us watch and eavesdrop as he proceeds.

This will be a priceless education if you’ve ever dreamed of writing and/or self-publishing a book of your own. Thank you, Marshall! Your generosity is an inspiration to us all.

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