McKay gets a makeover (finally!)

McKay gets a makeover (finally!)

No, not me personally, of course. I’m nearly perfect just the way I am. (cough-cough)

But after nearly three years on Blogger, it was time for this blog to get a facelift. (No Botox shots, however.)

So now this baby has a whole new look, a sporty leather interior and fuel-efficient hybrid engine. It even has its own domain, So gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines and adjust your bookmarks.

Don’t forget, you can also subscribe via RSS by clicking the icon in the right sidebar. That way, every post will come waltzing into your feed reader with no effort on your part. Life is good.

Now if only spring would arrive… (sigh)

  1. The new blog looks great. I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  2. Phil VerghisPhil Verghis03-26-2008


    Very nice!



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