Media: friend or foe?

Media: friend or foe?

Lots of people, including PR firms, are wary and distrustful of reporters, producers, the media in general. If you’ve ever been misquoted, misled or simply mystified by what appears in print or on the air after an interview, you know what I mean. But as David Koretz remarks on his blog,

“I met an editor from one of the major trade publications, and we hit it off. We ended up going out for drinks that evening and speaking off the cuff. When I told my PR firm the next day, they were livid, and warned me, ‘the media is not your friend!’

That may have been the worst advice I was ever given.

Fast forward five years, and I count many members of the media as close friends. Writers tend to be a very insightful, analytical crowd. They talk to an extremely wide range of people each day, and therefore are knowledgable on a broad swath of subjects.”

What’s your opinion? Have your experiences with the media been positive or negative? Do you perceive them as friends or foes? What advice (cautions, encouragement, etc.) would you give to those courting the media?

As for Koretz, it worked out just fine. His advice:

If you have the opportunity to build a relationship with someone from the media, jump on it. But in order to build a meaningful relationship, avoid the fluff. Don’t talk about the weather or sports; focus on your perspective on the industry and why it is unique. Be candid, be edgy, be aggressive – just be memorable!

Thanks Keith for the link.

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