Niche marketing: Ban screaming kids

Niche marketing: Ban screaming kids

Find a “crying” need and fill it: that’s the essence of niche marketing.

Restaurant bans screaming childrenA North Carolina restaurant has done just that — literally. They’ve banned crying kids. Ditto whining, screaming or hysterical tykes. Check out the sign on the front door.

The restaurant owner — a woman, by the way — says she got sick of customers complaining about parents who can’t or won’t control their kids during meals, treat the restaurant like a playground, generally misbehave or act like a nuisance.

They’re not being jerks about it, apparently. If a kid starts screaming, an employee will ask the parent to quiet them down or take them outside.

Talk about differentiating yourself from the competition!

Has it cost them customers?

Sure, but the owner says it’s brought in more business than it’s driven away.

via the Consumerist

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