Non-verbal communication with customers

Non-verbal communication with customers

Most of the time in this blog I write about marketing communications, copywriting, and the like. But your company “communicates” with customers in dozens of non-verbal ways as well. Yesterday, for example, I was in a small neighborhood pizza place waiting for some pizzas to go.

They have great pizzas, but my wife hates the place so we rarely eat there. The decor is dingy and depressing. The waitresses are unfriendly, abrupt. In the two years we’ve gone there, I’ve never heard a single one say “Hi” or “Thanks” or even “Are you ready to order?”

While I was waiting for our order, I ducked into the tiny men’s room to wash up. I pressed the lever for soap. Nothing. I stabbed it again and again and finally got a few spritzes, but nowhere near enough to really wash my hands.

The non-verbal message: If I can’t wash my hands, neither can the guys in the kitchen. The ones making my pizzas… touching my food.

Bottom line: we’re looking for a new pizza place…

What’s your take? Does the lack of soap in a restaurant restroom gross you out? What other non-verbal ways have businesses sent you the message that you’re not important? Which companies communicate that they really do value your business? How did they do that? I’d love to hear…

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